Mary Manzella Racz

Our Photos For 20th Class Reunion

These are the photos that we sent into the reunion committee for 20th Reunion. 

20th Class Reunion

On the Friday before the 20 year Reunion at Jillian's in Champaign
L to R: Terri (Dart) Wegeng, Ruth (Lee) Floyd, Kirk Donovan, Tina (Meade) Wright, John Slocum, Leah (Freeman) Pettit, Ka

July 2008 Mixer

At Cowboy Monkey July 25, 2008
L to R: Carolyn (Schertz) Griffin, Leah (Freeman) Pettit, Mary Hays, Evelyn (Stroud) Luckett

September 2008 Mixer

At Houlihan's September 19, 2008
Vicky Stenger and Tina (Meade) Wright

November 2008 Mixer

At Rock's November 7, 2008 Mixer

Linda Doyle & Leah Freeman

December 2008 Mixer

December 30, 2008. This was an impromptu mixer that we had at Billy Barooz.  Lots of fun folk showed up.
Stephanie (Hodges) Holderfield and Todd Holderfield

February 2009 Mixer

At Huber's February 6, 2009

Leah (Freeman) Pettit

March 2009 Mixer

At Fat City March 13, 2009
There are no photos in this album.

35th Class Reunion June 20th and 21st

We got together on Friday, June 20th at El Toro on W Springfield in Champaign. We were lucky that we had requested the patio as it was a beautiful evening and we had a good turnout.